Iconic Pose Conan Figure Added to Super 7’s Ultimate Movie Figures

Super7‘s first series of Conan the Barbarian movie figures has yet to ship, but they’ve already had to add one more. The first series included screen-accurate costumes of Conan, Thulsa Doom, and more. However, some fans were disappointed that the Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan included was in his pit fighter gear, rather than the more classic shirtless look. The San Francisco-based toymaker just remedied that, with the reveal of an Arnold Conan figure that’s more like the way everyone remembers him. Dubbed Iconic Pose Conan, this figure sells separately from the rest, with preorders running through July 15th for a shipping date sometime next year.

Conan, like many Super7 Ultimates, uses some base body parts from the Masters of the Universe Classics line. However,  Super7 stresses this figure is not simply a repaint of the pit fighter figure. Boasting new leg sculpts, he’s also different from the Conan the Destroyer figure that Super7 first used to tease the line. That figure, presumably, comes later. This one includes two heads — long hair and windblown hair — as well as two necklaces. Plus alternate hands, and his signature sword.

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Here’s hoping this single release isn’t the end of full waves. There are still too many great characters left to do. Valeria and Subotai, of course. But even collectors who aren’t huge fans of the second film would likely still enjoy getting Grace Jones’ Zula or Wilt Chamberlain’s Bombaata in plastic figure form.

Take a look at the full figure and packaging in the gallery below. Then let us know in comments if you think this figure represents what is best in life.

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