Star Wars Mythos Darth Maul Statue Envisions a More Glorious Sith

Every completist Star Wars fan knows that Maul lost the right to the honorarium “Darth” after being stripped of it by Sidious, who took Tyranus/Dooku as an apprentice instead. But what if he hadn’t? Sideshow‘s Star Wars Mythos statue series envisions key characters under alternate circumstances, allowing the mind’s eye to splinter and ponder. In this case, Darth Maul is still the name of the robot-legged, dual-blade wielding Sith. He tramples a statue of Palpatine/Sidious underfoot, and depending on the portrait the buyer chooses, just might let those horns grow to full length again.

The 23.5 inch statue made of polystone depicts “a fully sculpted costume composed of weathered black skirts, belts, arm wraps, and a black collar.” His robotic legs look even more detailed than those seen at the end of Solo. Christoph Waltz in Alita could have sculpted those action-ready appendages.

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This Maul may have survived to the post-Jedi era. One doesn’t simply stomp the Emperor in effigy at the height of the Empire.

Mythos Darth Maul is expected in the first quarter of next year. Almost two feet of evil doesn’t come cheaply; he runs $610, but monthly payment plans may provide some relief.

Will this more powerful Darth Maul slash his way into your collection? Cut us down to size in comments and let us know!

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