Sideshow Statue Envisions Asajj Ventriss as a Nightsister

With Disney+ now giving everyone easier access to all the Clone Wars cartoons, Asajj Ventriss may be ready to have her moment again. The original “Sith apprentice who isn’t actually a Sith” could arguably be the most prominent character to survive from the old Star Wars Expanded Universe into the new. Yes, yes, Thrawn and all that, but Ventriss didn’t have to change any backstory or timeline. Except now. As part of Sideshow Collectibles‘ mythos series, she gets a re-imagining in statue form.

The Star Wars mythos series places familiar characters into new situations. In this case, the usually black-clad Ventriss dons the red robe of the Nightsisters. (One can, if one prefers, also display her with bonus hoodless head to showcase that clean cranial shave.) Standing atop a Ssurian skull on a Dathomir-themed base, she wields both her curved-hilt lightsabers, inspired by mentor Count Dooku.

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From the official description: “The polystone Asajj Ventress Mythos Statue has PVC elements and features an intricate, fully sculpted costume in the Nightsisters’ traditional black and red hues, detailed with realistic and dynamic fabric-like movement. Her black bodice, leg guards, and gloves all have a wrapped and roughened appearance while her red hood, skirts, and the feathers adorning her shoulders are sculpted with dramatic, billowing flow. “

Check out many more angles on the figure in our gallery below. Would you pay $595 for this Sith sister? Let us know in comments below.