Star Wars Baby Yoda Chia Pet Heads to Stores Soon

As the fan-penned song suggests, the galaxy may have gone to hell, but every single merchandiser is under his spell. The Child now looks to grow on Star Wars fans some more, as NECA and Joseph Enterprises announce the release of the Baby Yoda chia pet. Previously shown at Toy Fair, the pint-sized Force-wielder with two green thumbs is packaged and ready. Expect drug stores and more to get Din Djarin’s temporarily adopted kiddo in stock shortly

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Unlike with many other chia pets, no green ‘fro lies in Baby Yoda’s future. Instead, the mud-grown seeds launch a green cushion of natural padding inside his hover pram. That’s if one does it right, of course. Chia pets aren’t always as easy to make as they look. But do, or do not, as the kid’s nearest genetic relative might say. And let’s see if this means a Mandalorian comes next, upon whose helmet we can add a big green bush of plant-based follicles.

The Mandalorian won’t return until fall, but in the meantime, Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian goes behind the scenes of the Disney+ series, starting today. We can report that folks don’t see much of Baby Yoda in the first episode, which focuses on the directors. But everyone should keep their eyes open; presumably there will be a future one based on effects, makeup, or creatures. Or if Disney knows what’s good for them, a whole episode focused purely on The Child.

In the meantime, who’s ready to grow some infant Jedi chia? Let us know in comments below.