George Lucas and Dave Filoni Reveal Clone Wars’ Live-Action Inspirations

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is going to reach its climax soon, wrapping things up after seven seasons. The show met the standards of many Star Wars fans, who are notoriously very hard to please. In a recent video, George Lucas and The Clone Wars producer Dave Filoni spoke about some of the details of the fan-favorite show, revealing some of the innovative techniques they used since the earliest seasons.

“[The fifth episode of Season 2] “Landing at Point Rain” was at first a total disaster,” Filoni said. “George, Jason Tucker, and I sat in Avid for two days re-cutting that episode with live-action footage. George had Battle of the Bulge, The Four Feathers, Battle over Britain. We took a bunch of stock footage and footage from movies that he had and literally cut that episode together out of live-action footage. That’s why the pace of it feels so fast. Up until that point, we hadn’t really done anything like that in animation.”

You can watch the full interview in the player below.

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Lucas then went on to add that they put the same kind of attention into details as if they were making a Star Wars feature, explaining that “there is nothing forgiving.”

“We weren’t making this for television,” Lucas added. “We were making it for the big screen. I said, think of this as a feature. Everything about it. The style. Attention to detail. The lightning. Everything is done at a feature level even though it’s going on television.”

The next episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars premieres this Friday on Disney+. Do you agree with George Lucas’ words? Do you think that The Clone Wars is at a feature level? Let us know in the comments section below.