Baby Yoda Monopoly and New Star Wars Figures Revealed

Mere Star Wars Monopoly is no longer enough to prove superfandom. Now we’re getting character-specific. With The Child Monopoly, which we are all going to call Baby Yoda Monopoly regardless, play as one of four different Baby Yodas. Force-using, broth-drinking, frog-eating, and just chilling in hover-pram Baby Yodas compete against each other to…make the rest go bankrupt. Hey, Monopoly itself isn’t always a perfect fit with the theme. But nobody’s going to buy one based solely on the Trade Federation’s Banking Clan.

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Hasbro revealed the board game as part of a pre-May 4th Fan First Friday, along with a handful of new and newly repainted/repackaged items. Finally, the Han Solo in Carbonite that was originally exclusive to a Comic-Con Boba Fett will see mass production and availability. Zuckuss and 4-LOM, released in the vintage line with the wrong names on the packaging, see re-release on larger, reproduced “wrong” cards. The Clone Trooper body gets a Kamino redeco, while the Imperial Stormtrooper gets a new sculpt based on The Mandalorian. Dagobah Luke returns to stores packed with a new Yoda and carrying backpack, while Darth Vader sees an Amazon exclusive blue metallic “Carbonized” repaint.

All the above-mentioned figures are part of the 6-inch Black Series. And in good news for all of them, a price raise hinted at earlier in the year won’t happen yet. They’re staying $19.99. The classic-scale Vintage Collection adds a newcomer also, in the form of Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguise. And the role-play Boba Fett helmet, like nearly everything Boba Fett, gets the white prototype redeco treatment as an online exclusive.

Rumor has it Hasbro plans on showing even more on Monday, May 4th, a.k.a. Star Wars Day. For now, enjoy all the pictures in our gallery below and tells us what you think in comments.