Yes, Hot Toys Has a Life-Sized Baby Yoda Figure Coming

It’s not like Hot Toys to miss out on a popular Star Wars opportunity. Sure, they made two 1/6 scale Baby Yoda figures to accompany a deluxe Mandalorian. But with a character that small, a company can also go life-sized without being ridiculous. Sideshow already announced a wildly popular 1:1 prop replica; Hot Toys’ take comes as a fully articulated action figure.

Furthermore, from the official description: “The hyper realistic and articulated collectible figure is meticulously crafted based on the appearance of the Child in The Mandalorian. Standing at approximately 36 cm tall, this collectible figure features an amazing likeness with riveting fine details, 2 pairs of interchangeable ears, movable head and arms, skillfully tailored outfit, a silver knob from the Razor Crest™ ship that the young alien loves to hold, a Mythosaur emblem necklace, and a variety of interchangeable hands to pose or hold the items allowing fans to recreate iconic moments from the highly acclaimed live-action series!”

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For those who don’t speak metric, 36cm comes out to about 14 inches. Or slightly taller than a typical Hot Toys figure. Thankfully, the company posted a helpful comparison chart:

With the robe being cloth, one therefore wonders what the sculpting will be like underneath. Is baby Yoda buff, or does he have fifty year-old baby fat? Did Lucasfilm offer any reference of what he looks like without the outfit? Inquiring fans will want to know.

In the meantime, get every other angle on the figure anyone could need in the gallery below. Will you then preorder the moment you’re done looking? Let us know in comments below.