Latest LEGO Ultimate Collector Series Set Is a Star Wars A-Wing Fighter

The mighty A-Wing finally gets some love, with a massive, properly scaled collector set from LEGO. Constructed from 1,673 pieces and including a pilot, this new epic model can be purchased from starting May 1st. For families stuck at home needing a fun project, the timing seems perfect, though it also happens to mostly coincide with Star Wars day, May the 4th.

But why does this humble fighter merit such iconic treatment over more famous ships, one might ask? Never forget that it was a crashed A-Wing which brought down the super Star Destroyer above Death Star 2, making for one spectacular collision. And the design remained relatively unchanged even through to The Last Jedi era. The set measures 10.5” (27cm) high*, 16.5” (42cm) long and 10” (26cm) wide. It features pivoting laser cannons, and is suggested for builders age 18 and up. Though we imagine some youngers fans will be up to the challenge, especially with parental assistance.

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New elements include a newly printed A-Wing pilot, and a detailed cockpit, for the first time in an A-Wing LEGO set. The canopy comes fully removable. The A-Wing joins other Ultimate Collectors Series sets like the Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, and TIE fighter.

Take a look through our galaxy of images in the gallery below to see all the glorious details. The A-Wing runs $199.99, but from May 1-4, will include a free gift for every order over $75. Will that be a Force-ful enough bonus to get you to bite? Let us know in comments.