Hot Toys Batgirl Comes Straight Out of Arkham Knight

Batman‘s costume always took its cues from the ability to intimidate superstitious, cowardly criminals. Batgirl‘s, meanwhile tends to play as a tribute to that design, though it often lacks the scare factor. In the Arkham Knight game, that changes. Clad in black with copper highlights, this fully armored Hot Toys Batgirl sees Barbara Gordon ready to take on the Joker with Robin.

From the official description: “Beautifully crafted based on Batgirl’s appearance in the video game, the 1/6th scale Batgirl features a newly developed masked head sculpt with long light brown real fabric hair, a newly developed body tailored for Batgirl, a sophisticated tailored Batsuit with gold color Bat logo on the chest as well as light copper colored armor on arms, a light copper color belt, an array of Bat gadgets including grapnel gun with Batclaw, Batarangs and a Remote Hacking Device. Last but not least, the figure also comes with a specially designed figure stand with game logo and backdrop.”

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In the game, Batgirl features in the DLC pack “A Matter of Family,” as the lead. Now playable, she teams with the Boy Wonder to take down both Joker and Harley at a nautical themed amusement park. Less powerful than batman, she compensates with superior hacking skills. Fans the world over who dilsiked her victimization in Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke can have their vicarious revenge.

Take a look at the full gallery below. Is this Batgirl ready to join your toy family? Let us know in comments.