Hot Toys Belatedly Reveals Figure of Ahsoka’s Marrok

When the Star Wars Ahsoka series began, Marrok was one of its big mysteries.

Clad in black from head to toe, this apparent Sith Inquisitor had no background, didn’t speak, and didn’t even have a credited actor playing them. Definite shades of the Taskmaster in Black Widow made us think there was more here than met the eye. Would Marrok turn out to be a corrupted Ezra Bridger in disguise? Or was the name a hint at Galen Marek, the Starkiller apprentice from the video games?

Actually, no. Marrok was just Marrok.

He’s a Gas, Gas, Gas!

The reason for the suit turned out to be that Marrok was a non-corporeal being, most likely a reanimated Nightbrother soul. You’d have to know the lore well to even get that much out of it; all the casual viewer got is that Marrok was sliced open and green gas escaped the suit. Now that the character is dead and less intriguing, will collectors still want to buy an expensive action figure of him? Hot Toys is counting on it.

They’ve certainly done a nice job, with rust-colored highlights on all the armor corners. For fans of Marrok, such as they are, this will make a worthy replica.

According to an official Sideshow press release, Marrok, “features a new, superbly detailed body with over 30 points of articulation. The figure is dressed in finely crafted armor that has been expertly painted with weathered effects, a tailored undersuit, and a cape with embedded wire to allow for dramatic poses. Ready for battle, Marrok comes with a USB powered light-up double-bladed lightsaber and a USB powered light-up semi-circular lightsaber hilt. A circular hilt, a semi-circular hilt, and a blades-in-motion effect are also included. Collectors can recreate a variety of poses with an array of interchangeable hands, including a swap-out left gauntlet with a communicator.”

Hot Toys clearly put in the effort. Will you put in $265 for a preorder? Peruse the official photos below, and make your decision.