McFarlane Toys to Make Arkham Asylum and White Knight Batman Figures

It looks like McFarlane Toys‘ new line of collectible DC Comics figures will lean heavily on Batman. But rather than just relying on a bunch of repaints like past lines, McFarlane goes artist-specific. At Toy Fair this weekend, two more fan-favorite iterations of the caped crusader and his arch-enemy made their appearances. Figures of Batman and the Joker as they appeared in the Arkham Asylum video game, and the White Knight alternate universe story, join the lineup this year. Additionally, McFarlane gets to take  a crack at Azrael, as he appeared in Curse of the White Knight.

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McFarlane aren’t the first to take a crack at the Arkham games, but they have a lot of potential for expansion. And in the 7-inch scale, they’ll mesh well with many other horror figures. Azrael doesn’t see toy form often, and it looks like the company’s going all-out on his sculpt. A Knigtfall Azrael Batman down the line has got to be on a future wishlist.

As for White Knight, the storyline that sees Batman and Joker reverse roles gives us Jack Napier in Gotham Terrorist Oppression unit gear. It’s significantly less purple than usual, but more battle-ready.

Take a look at the gallery below for a better look at the new McFarlane Batmen. While we certainly hope they covers non-Bat universe characters too, the popularity of the Dark Knight is undeniable. Whom would you like to see the company take on? Let us know in comments.