McFarlane Toys Brings Back Spawn With Full Articulation

Collectors today mostly think of McFarlane Toys as the company that makes toys of anime, The Walking Dead, and Stranger Things. With the recent acquisition of the DC Comics license, they’ve gone even more mainstream. But those with longer memories recall just why the company started in the first place. Its origins lie in the fact that founder Todd McFarlane didn’t think any of the major toy companies could do his character Spawn justice. By putting out his own figures instead, McFarlane upped the ante on the level of sculpting and grittiness of paint applications on the market. And he paved the way for companies like NECA and Diamond Select Toys, as well as mainstream lines like Marvel Legends and Star Wars Black Series.

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McFarlane put out many variants of Spawn from the ’90s through the aughts, but was plagued by complaints that the figures weren’t poseable enough. The company’s philosophy at the time was that the “action” in action figure came through in a dynamic stance. Recent figures have been much more joint-heavy, and it’s finally time to bring the signature character into that new style.

The new Spawn figure, due next month and announced by Todd on Twitter, is the Mortal Kombat video game version. With a glossy finish, cape, and sword, he looks like a hybrid of the comic style and Michael Jai White’s movie costume. (Weak movie, but great design.) Made to scale with Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Johnny Cage, Al Simmons’ hellish alter ego is ready for battle stances.

We welcome back the caped creation, but how long before we see a Violator to do battle with our anti-hero? Check out the gallery below, and let us know what you think in comments.