Leonardo Leads an Otherwise Villain-Heavy TMNT Ultimates Wave 2

Those turtle boys aren’t cutting us any slack when it comes to products. Super7 only just announced their first wave of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimates figures, and now they’ve already added a second one. And at least one of the figures included in TMNT Ultimates wave 2 feels like a huge surprise. We expected one of the core hero turtles per wave, to maintain collector interest and allow for parts re-use. And foes like Bebop and Shredder are both core characters and initial releases in the original Playmates line this series is redoing.

But who expected Mutagen Man this soon? He’s one of the most genuinely disturbing characters from the original toy line. Mutagen Man, then and now, comes with floating guts and digested food bits. He’s meant to be filled with water or ooze, suspending his brain, eyeballs, and other interior detritus in a see-thru body to gross-out effect.

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While NECA produces Turtles action figures meant to replicate the old TV cartoon exactly, Super7’s Ultimates use the original toy designs with updated deco and sculpting. And sometimes that means recreating mistakes. Shredder, for example, originally had his eyebrows and a flesh tone painted over the top of his helmet sculpt. Super7 offers a corrected version with fully painted helmet, and an alternate “wrong” version head with the brow painted on top. In addition, all the figures feature both painted weapons and accessories, and classic-style unpainted versions on a pop-out frame.

TMNT Ultimates wave 2 are made to order, and the preorder ends March 2nd. Each figure runs $45, and can probably be expected in the mail just over a year from now.

Check out the image gallery below to get a good look at the prototypes. And bear in mind Super7 has not  revealed every accessory yet. Will you preorder these? Tell us in comments below.