Target and Walmart Get Exclusive Black Widow Comic Figures

Black Widow movie merchandise should start hitting stores soon. But as a reminder where the character came from, that’s far from the only Black Widow stuff we’ll be seeing. The character has a long comics history, and two new exclusive action figures take advantage of a deep dive into it. Now available for preorder, respectively, at Target and Walmart, a “white” Widow and “gray” Widow stand ready to infiltrate Marvel fans’ toy collections.

The gray outfit Widow, at Walmart, seems the fancier of the two. She comes packed with a jetpack, exhaust blasts, alternate hands, and alternate wrist blasters with firing and smoking effects. Meanwhile, at Target, “Deadly Origins” Widow comes in a white outfit similar to the one seen in the new movie. She includes three guns, in addition to firing and smoking wrist blasts also.

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Most Marvel Legends figures aren’t hard to head-swap, however. So even amateur customizers can probably pop a Scarlett Johansson likeness on to either of these for some out-of-movie variant costumes. To fans who prefer characters to look more like drawn artwork, however, these offer two new hairstyles to give Natasha different vibes. For those of us who remember when female figures were usually rare and hard to find, Marvel’s top superheroine continues to blaze trails in merchandise as well as everywhere else.

Take a look in our gallery below for more images of the two exclusive action figures. Will you be staking out Target and Walmart to nab the super-spies? Give us some intel in comments below.