The First Black Widow Movie LEGO Set Flies Into Action

While most Marvel and DC superhero movies get LEGO sets, the guarantee is never absolute. Suicide Squad didn’t make the cut, probably because the first word in its title wasn’t kid-friendly. And we’re still waiting for Tom Hardy’s Venom to get bricked. Black Widow, being set more in a real-world spy milieu, could have gone either way. But today, we learned for certain that Natasha’s latest adventure will indeed come in buildable form at home. At least in part. The first Black Widow movie LEGO set is here, and it offers everything a kid or collector needs to stage a battle.

“Black Widow’s helicopter chase” primarily features the Taskmaster’s helicopter. Its guns fire studs, and its cargo hold opens to unleash a four-wheeler ATV. Pitted against the move-mimicking baddie are Black Widow and Yelena. They come with Black Widow’s motorcycle and character-specific weapons, like pistols and Natasha’s glowing batons.

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As always, a LEGO set does not necessarily mean movie spoilers. Nebula never used a helicopter to fight Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, for example. The sets frequently try to balance hero and villain vehicles so kids can enact a decent fight. One that doesn’t play as totally stacked in one side’s favor. In this case, however, we’d say it’s a safe bet Taskmaster will battle Widow and Yelena at some point. Whether or not she’ll have the classic Widow cycle, it’s distinctive enough and sufficiently popular that its inclusion feels like a plus.

Check out a few more images of the set below. Then let us know in comments if you’ll be building one of your own.