Review: Star Trek The Original Series Kuzos Die-Cast Metal Minis

Sometimes, it can take some imagination to carve out a new chunk of a merchandising license. Like, surely every scale of Star Trek action figure is probably taken. Prop replicas, costumes, Christmas ornaments, most things a person can think of. But diecast metal minis under two inches tall? We have a winner, and a new niche. Kuzos replicate key elements of the classic Star Trek series, in metal, and mini. Is there a desire for such things? Keep reading, and we’ll figure it out.

The set of three minis — the Horta, Captain’s Chair, and Nomad — run $29.99 at Entertainment Earth, which provided these review samples. So it’s $10 apiece for really little things. Heck, they fit in the palm of my hand.

But I have to say, these things are dense. Turning them into Christmas tree ornaments would not work; these will sag the branches to the bottom. They weigh much more than one expects. To put it bluntly, David could slay Goliath with one of these in the right sling. Nomad’s top antenna is in no danger of snapping off.

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So what can a person do with them? Well it, just so happens they’re in the right scale for most brick-based minifigs. Like LEGO, and Mega Construx. The latter actually has the Star Trek license. For the purposes of scale demonstration, however, the only ones I have are He-Man and Skeletor. And they can sit in the Captain’s chair.

So this might just become the highest, best use. LEGO-scaled props! The Horta’s scale works too, enough to make it a threat to minifigs, and Nomad is maybe a bit relatively bigger than I remember. Don’t want to play with these? No problem. The clamshell packaging is entirely resealable after a tiny bit of tape gets removed from the edges.

Another possible use for these is display on a desk at work. If, that is, the desk in question is clean enough that tiny things will properly display. Not a given.

For $10 apiece, stocking-stuffer might just be the right term here. Even though they missed the most recent boat on that by releasing in January. Come next holiday season, presumably there will be more options. Like Picard’s chair. Or maybe a Mugatu.

Get a closer look at a few more shots in our image gallery below. Will you collect any of these tiny, heavy replicas? What additions should the line make? Let us know in comments below.