Threezero Reveals Bumblebee-Movie Accurate Soundwave and Ravage

Whether Transformers fans loved or didn’t love Travis Knight’s Bumblebee movie, most can agree on one thing. In those Cybertron sequences, we got the best looking versions of Generation 1 characters onscreen that we are ever likely to get. Hasbro hasn’t cashed in on much of that, probably because the designs are similar enough to existing toys. But threezero, a company that specialized in high-end articulated replicas from the Michael Bay Transformers movies, is taking full advantage.

The company’s 11.2-inch Soundwave figure includes diecast metal parts and 80 articulated joints. That’s an insane amount of poseability. And that doesn’t even take into account Ravage, who pops out of Soundwave’s chest. Licensing rules prohibit any non-Hasbro or Takara Transformers from actually transforming, but threezero has gotten around this by merely having Ravage fold up. He doesn’t actually turn into a cassette — just a folded-up Ravage. That’s what we call a loophole.

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Soundwave also features LED light-up eyes, though not, as far as we can tell, any sounds. Covered with detailed battle-weathering, he runs $209.99 for preorders. That’ll go up to $249.99 once he’s in stock next fall, so roll out and snag a spot in the virtual queue now.

We’re hoping to see more from that movie sequence, like a Shockwave, Arcee, or perhaps Starscream. Check out a whole lot more images of Soundwave and Ravage below. They’ll either whet your appetite, or have to be sufficient to enjoy from afar. Will you become one of the lucky ones who preorders? Let us know in comments below.