Sideshow Previews Statue of Clark Kent Becoming Superman

It’s a pose as old as Superman‘s secret identity. Mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent hears a disaster happening at a distance with his super-hearing. Seeking a phone booth, when they still existed, he rips open his shirt to reveal the S-logo. Stashing his discarded clothes in a janitor’s closet at super speed, he stands revealed in Kryptonian style. Up, up, and away! This is no bird, and no plane. It’s Clark Kent becoming Superman!

As part of Sideshow‘s 12 days of Christmas, they’ve been revealing new upcoming items through links in their e-newsletter. This new premium format Superman, a statue with mixed media clothing, is entitled “call to action.”

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Mixing vintage and modern, the figure has a thoroughly “now” buff physique. But that fedora is decidedly old-school. Of the sort we haven’t seen worn by a Clark Kent actor since George Reeves on TV. But now that they’ve been rediscovered by hipsters, they’re not a bad idea for Kal-El. Glasses only do so much; the hat conceals the hair and that S-curl. Of course he lacked that curl in Man of Steel; perhaps the victim of a “Snyder cut”?

More info on this Clark-to-Superman statue should be forthcoming. Feel free to sign up for the Sideshow newsletter to be among the first to know. We’re still wondering where his cape goes as Clark. Does he fold it up under the shirt, making his back look huge? Or perhaps tuck it down his pant legs?

Tell us what you think the trick is in comments below.