Sideshow Wolverine Figure Has Different Parts for Play or Display

To pose, or not to pose? When one buys a really expensive action figure, that’s a dilemma. A high-end figure can be articulated up the wazoo. Yet nobody’s going to play with it in the manner they do much cheaper toys. But if all one is going to do is select the perfect pose and keep it there, why have all those visible joints which detract from the sculpt? The latest Sideshow Wolverine figure has an innovative answer.

Want fully poseable arms on this guy? He has them. Get dynamic or creative with the stabby-stabby, or just retracted hand-to-hand combat. But if looking good in one pose is the goal, he also comes with interchangeable non-articulated arms. These strike two popular signature poses, if appearing seamless matters most. Give Logan straight arms, or dynamic, claw show-off bent arms for a a smooth, musculature-preserving look.

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Sideshow seems like a company uniquely poised to make this kind of hybrid. While they began as a company with 12-inch figures aplenty, they deferred to Hot Toys for quite a while and transitioned mostly to statues. Now they appear to be bringing back their own in-house figures. And adding a statue-like option is an innovation we haven’t really seen before.

Note that the swap-out parts only get made for joints that receive no concealment under clothing. Sideshow’s finely tailored outfits suffice to hide any seams there.

What do you think of this hybrid style? Which arms would you display? Check out the gallery below to see all the options, and tell us what your preference would be.