Super7 Announce Their Final Masters of the Universe Figures

Based on conversations with Mattel this past summer at Comic-Con, we knew they were reclaiming the Masters of the Universe toy license in a big way. But until now, it wasn’t official that Super7 would be done making smaller-run items. This week, they confirmed that their next two retro-style figures will be the final Masters of the Universe toys they announce. Considering the property is about to get two new animated shows, this news shouldn’t be too surprising. Once a media tie-in becomes active, mass retail gets interested again. And Super7 isn’t a big enough company to service all the big-box stores.

Their last entries into the world of Eternia will be retro-style renditions of Battle Cat and Panthor. In the classic 3-3/4 inch scale that the original Star Wars figures launched, the big cats will include their riders, He-Man and Skeletor. Furthermore, Panthor will feature the classic fuzzy flocking of the original ’80s toy. We haven’t seen that on a Panthor figure in a while.

These beast and rider sets sell for $35, and will be available starting the day after Christmas. That’s for preorder; don’t expect them to arrive until much later in 2020.

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Super7 made numerous Masters figures in this style over the years, including multiple color variants. It seems the collection will now be complete with the first (and last) oversized animals. Not to worry — the company will continue using the “Classics” body they developed for larger He-Man figures to keep making ThunderCats, Conan and more. Meanwhile, we still have that insanely huge $600 Snake Mountain playset coming next summer.

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