McFarlane Toys’ Johnny Cage and Raiden Figures Enter Mortal Kombat

Fight! McFarlane ToysMortal Kombat line, which previously only featured ninja rivals Scorpion and Sub-Zero, expands early next year. A couple more “Klassic Kharacters” are on the way: Johnny Cage and Raiden. The flashy, cocky movie star and the ancient god of thunder and lightning have been part of the game series ever since the first installment. Now, in their most elaborate outfits yet from Mortal Kombat XI, the two Kombatants will take on any toy competitor, any time the collector chooses.

Memorably played by Christopher Lambert in the first live-action movie, Raiden (also spelled Rayden for occasional legal reasons) stands out with his signature hat and lightning bolts. The action figure includes extra hands, electrical blast effects, and a wizarding sort of staff. He’s got the power.

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Part Jean-Claude Van Damme and part Zack Ryder, Johnny Cage looks cocky as ever. The shiny jacket and cheesy shades practically scream ’80s teen movie villain. Meanwhile, the tattoo of his own name feels a real narcissist move, and he even holds an action figure of himself. Plus a trophy that appears sculpted in his honor as well. This is clearly a guy other contestants really want to rain fatalities upon.

Both Johnny Cage and Raiden figures are in classic McFarlane/NECA 7-inch scale. They sport 22 points of articulation, and should see release in early 2020. Preorder now to save yourself a Babality later.

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