This Superman Bust From Sideshow Strikes a Power Pose

Most attempts to “modernize” Superman fail, because Superman is a classic. His timeless sense of truth and justice, even if it isn’t always the American way in every story, doesn’t change. His adversaries do: Lex Luthor went from super-suited mad scientist to evil corporate CEO and president. But the man of steel is a man of simplicity. He flies, he punches bad guys, he avoids killing, and he’s a friend to everyone in need. Sideshow‘s new Superman bust captures that righteous determination perfectly.

And if anyone says they’ve also given us a look at how Jon Hamm might look as Superman, we won’t correct you. Though there’s no way Sideshow could legally admit it even if true.

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The diagonal cut across his body may be the strangest Superman-related cut since Zack Snyder departed the Justice League movie. Still, it’s a style, and Kal-El leans into it. The costume is mostly vintage — none of that New 52 piping-and-collar excess– though it omits the yellow S-shield on the back cape. Sorry,  not S…House of El sigil. Got to keep up with the culturally appropriate nomenclature.

The 10.5 inch bust rests on a base in the style of the Fortress of Solitude, though he’s unlikely to be a solitary part of anyone’s collection. Anyone who buys one bust usually gets more.

Take a look through the gallery below to see if he might become your first bust. Or next. Then tell us in comments beneath what your favorite iteration of Superman is.