Two Kinds of Rise of Skywalker Jet Trooper Get Star Wars Hot Toys

Yes, yes, they fly now. But will they fly out of toy warehouses as fast? Hot Toys looks to double their chances by announcing two kinds of Star Wars jet trooper at once. In the typical First Order tradition, we get the new aerial army builders in white, iPod-looking sleek armor. But then there is also the Sith Trooper version, in angry Dark Side-red.

Here’s what’s notable. Unlike with the standard soldiers, the Sith Jet Trooper differs from its First Order counterpart only in color scheme. Basic Sith Troopers have a very different look, borrowing from Episode III Clones and Rogue One Death Troopers. But for jetpack duty, they stay the same. There might be some plot implications here. Whatever different offshoot the Sith Troopers represent, is it possible they just appropriate the First Order and its designs by the end of the film?

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Each Jet Trooper comes with multiple hands, weapons, and logo base. Plus armor that has a nifty sheen to it. Stormtroopers were never that glossy. Evil generally does reflect back at the beholder

As we count down the final days to The Rise of Skywalker, all guesswork will end shortly. Truths will be revealed, and the saga faces its culmination and final battle. One thing we do know is that these reinforcements will be a part of that climactic blowout.

Which Jet Trooper color do you prefer? Fly into comments and paint us a picture! But first, check out the full gallery: