First Black Widow Movie Toys up for Preorder

First spotted via Entertainment Earth, the next wave of Hasbro Marvel Legends figures is themed to the upcoming Black Widow movie. As is often the case, the wave also rounds out with three comics-based figures. The Build-a-Figure for this line, Crimson Dynamo, looks like it reuses parts from the Captain Marvel Kree Sentry. And the figure that doesn’t come with Dynamo parts will be Taskmaster.

The toys offer us the best look at Taskmaster yet, with armor trim, shield, and hood that are more reminiscent of his comics colors and style. Red Guardian comes unmasked, for the benefit of anyone who wants to create a custom Marvel Legends Sheriff Hopper. And Yelena Belova has the best likeness of the bunch, depicting Natasha’s likely successor in a white outfit.

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Oddly, the Black Widow figure does not look a whole lot like Scarlett Johansson. This may just be  a prototype issue, since Hasbro has done her well before. The previously revealed Winter Soldier, Crossbones, and Spymaster sport their looks from the printed page. Given that the Dynamo figure reuses parts, it will probably not appear in this form onscreen.

We’ve seen Natasha get several outfit changes in footage revealed so far, so there are still more figure possibilities if this wave is a hit. Or, perhaps more likely, retail exclusives. Exect this first wave to hit in March, with individual figures retailing for around $19.99.

Check them all out in the gallery below. Then tell us your favorite in comments.