Marvel Legends Age of Apocalypse Figure Wave Shapes up

We knew, thanks to Hasbro‘s San Diego Comic-Con reveals, that figures based on X-Man, Age of Apocalypse Wolverine/Weapon X, and Morph should appear next spring. Now, thanks to reveals from Lucca, Italy, and Barcelona, Spain, we know a whole X-Men Age of Apocalypse figure wave is coming. The popular 1995 comics event is back in fans’ minds again thanks to Fox’s Legion giving the inciting character the spotlight again.

Sunfire’s translucent body and dark shading make him an instant must-have. And where would Wolverine be without Jean Grey?

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Wild Child appears to utilize a new, much smaller body. It’s creepy and weird with that oversized, white-eyed head, as it should be.

Finally, Dark Beast tries to pull off the metallic pants look. Nobody tell him they don’t really complement his skin tone.

All that remains is for the Build-a-Figure to be announced. Crazy spitballing guess here, but maybe, just maybe, it’ll be…Apocalypse. Unless they plan on stretching this theme out into more waves and saving him for later.

But a non-mutant figure showed his (masked) face too, and it’s Crossbones — a comic-book version. Based on the fact that we’ve already seen a new comic-based Bucky/Winter Soldier, this could hint at a future Captain America wave. Unless, as we speculated before, they’re the token non-movie entries in a Black Widow wave. Both have appeared onscreen with Natasha, after all.

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