Conan the Barbarian Ultimate Movie Figures Include Thulsa Doom

Conan the Barbarian has appeared in toy form quite a few times over the years, both in comics style and Arnold Schwarzenegger likeness. But there’s so much in that first John Milius movie that deserves toy representation besides just Arnold. All these years, and we’ve never so much as seen a hint of a James Earl Jones Thulsa Doom figure. Until now.

Although they’ve lost the rights to make Masters of the Universe Classics figures, Super7 isn’t done with that body style. Already put into practice to make ThunderCats, it’s now the basis for a Conan movie line. One that we presume is intended to last more than one wave, since the first lineup isn’t all main characters. The obvious irony is that Mattel back in the ’80s briefly considered a Conan toy line before creating He-Man.

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The first wave of Conan Ultimates, made to order based on buy-ins, are now live to preorder at Super7’s site. And unlike previous waves, one does not have to buy all four — they are priced individually. So no doubt the Arnold Conan and Thulsa Doom will fare a little better than Thorgrim (Sven-Ole Thorsen) and Rexor (Ben Davidson). The latter two appear to share some tooling, which is undoubtedly why they’re up before the differently bodied Subotai and Valeria.

Each 7-inch figure costs $45, and preorders close for good Dec. 31st. To allow fans to spend any money received for Christmas, one assumes.

Check out all the Conan figures in the gallery below. Are you excited for Conan to coexist in the same scale as He-Man? Let us know in comments.