LEGO Brings Forth a Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack

This is the way. The way to make collectors buy LEGO set en masse. Because of technicalities about action figures versus construction sets, the European construction toy giant isn’t allowed to just sell boxes of figures by themselves. But including small vehicle builds along with the figures means that the technicality evaded! And for a Star Wars Mandalorian battle pack, the minifigs are especially detailed and worth the minor clumps of bricks that sell the set as a vehicle box.

That looks like the titular Mandalorian, Dyn Jarren, on the speeder. The blue one resembles heavy gunner, Paz Vizsla. There aren’t currently any details about the other two characters, because The Mandalorian isn’t a show that’s super-big on revealing character names. Ask any pedant who’ll lecture the finer points of why “Baby Yoda” is neither a baby nor Yoda.

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Still, LEGO Boba Fett needs to know that he’s not alone. And yes, Boba Fett isn’t canonically a real Mandalorian. That’s why he needs to know the real ones are out there, ready to gang up on him and steal that armor back. These warriors look like they’ve seen some action, complete with printed wounds and dents.

Look for this set to hit stores the day after Christmas, for $14.99. It’s the perfect way for that Star Wars-loving kid in every fan’s life to blow their holiday money.

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