Latest Sideshow Bust Makes Deadpool a Disarming Cut-up

Get it? Disarming cut-up, because he…never mind. Deadpool doesn’t change his costume super-often, so the best way to get variant versions of collectibles is to have him get creatively mutilated. And in this case, he’s basically been cut through by a lightsaber. Or something similarly cauterizing that can burn through flesh and metal sheaths with equal-opportunity ease.

The Deadpool Bust measures 11” tall, as the Merc with a Mouth prepares to draw his dual katana blades in battle. His latest close shave might have been a bit much, though- Deadpool has been sliced through, revealing his guts for all to see. But don’t worry, he’ll be fine- they don’t call him the regenerating degenerate for nothing!

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Wait…they call him that? It’s a bit wordier than merc with a mouth, but okay, it works too. Unfortunately this bust, while detailed with extra shoulder padding and placed atop a stone pillar, does not include all the wacky speech bubbles. Those are just extra bonuses for anyone who wants to flip through the full image gallery, as seen below.

This Sideshow Collectibles $250 polyresin statue is set to arrive sometime this winter. But with a December to February window, don’t count on a Christmas delivery. Maybe Valentine’s Day, though. And if your beloved appreciates this kind of gift then, well, congratulations. They’re a keeper.

Disney might not be super-into dismembered collectibles once they really start taking control, though. So grab the grossness while it’s available to you.