Golden Axe Gives Us Some Great Skeleton Soldier Figures

Fantasy cinema has a long, great tradition of skeleton soldiers, from the old days of silent cinema to Ray Harryhausen and even Army of Darkness. But decent skeleton soldier action figures haven’t been as common as they ought. Sure, we get Skeletor in numerous guises, but he’s a skeleton with muscles. Pure skeletons involve complicated sculpts and tricky balancing issues, which make them tougher to engineer as toys. Thankfully, when Storm Collectibles got the Golden Axe toy license, they realized you can’t do the game justice without some enemies. That super-nifty Ax Battler figure needs him some skeletons to smash.

These feel like an especially unexpected offering from Storm, a company which normally utilizes a super-muscular basic buck to make fighting-game characters. The skeletons sport all-new sculpts, and come in a two pack for the ultra-low (by Storm standards) price tag of $58. Both include multiple hands and weapons.

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And even if collectors aren’t generally into Storm, these make great opponents for 6 and 7-inch figures of any stripe. Also, they should display beautifully next to other horror and fantasy movie characters.

One could say we have no bones to pick with Storm over this. Mainly because we want all the bones. And if these mean even more Golden Axe figures, that’s groovy.

Check out even more images of the skeleton soldiers in our gallery below. Will you be bringing these boneheads home? Don’t bury your thoughts — leave them below in comments!