Possessed Hush Superman Figure Might Just Forget His Mom’s Name

When we think of Batman fighting Superman, most comics fans recall The Dark Knight Returns. Most movie fans, on the other hand, think of Zack Snyder’s semi-rehash of the same scene for Batman v Superman. And no, we’re not above making Martha jokes. But another significant confrontation between the two came about in Batman: Hush. Though an animated feature recently revived that story, it’s not as remembered as maybe it should be. Soon, however, recreating it will be a snap, as Medicom Toy follows their outstanding Hush Batman with a Hush Superman figure. And fans can make him look good or evil.

No, Kal-El didn’t choose to go bad. His red-eye version here comes as a result of Poison Ivy possession. As established at least since Alan Moore’s “For the Man Who has Everything,” Superman is susceptible to certain plant toxins. This figure comes with alternate possessed head, and vines to wrap around his neck and arms. As a bonus pack-in, collectors get an extra Batman fist with Kryptonite to fight back.

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If, however, buyers prefer their Superman classic and benevolent, he can be displayed that way too. Blue eyes and basic outfit are options, with a cloth cape sporting the S-shield. Like any Medicom MAFEX figure, he can strike an insane amount of poses. Although Superman doesn’t need to really ninja himself too much when he’s nigh-indestructible.

Check out the gallery below to see the MAFEX Man of Steel in action.