MAFEX Batman: Hush Figure Could Be the Ultimate 6-Inch Dark Knight

Jim Lee’s art in Batman: Hush ranks among the all-time fan-favorite depictions of Bruce Wayne and his colorful villains. The mystery at the center of the story is ultimately less of a lure than the fact that every major friend and foe appears, drawn as awesomely as a fan could ever hope. DC Collectibles put out action figures almost immediately, but 16 years later, we’re seeing a revival. A DC Animated movie is on the way, and Medicom Toy’s MAFEX line is delivering what could be the best 6-inch comic-based Batman figure ever.

Via The Fwoosh, this Lee-styled Batman features both a hyper-poseable body and a cloth cape that can be adjusted for action. If that were all, it would be enough. But there’s more. Multiple heads include grim and super-grim expressions, as well as an unmasked Bruce head. And rather than worrying about him holding tiny accessories, the figure comes with swap-out hands already holding them.

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Not that we needed another Batman line to collect, but if MAFEX decides to do all the other characters as they appear in the book, we’re gonna be broke. Because these figures are imports, they run around $80. But if you only ever get one, this might just be it right here.

As victims of Catwoman robberies might say, “Just take our money now.” Also, we really want Hush Catwoman.

Check out the gallery below for more looks at this upcoming figure. Then tell us what you think, in the same Bat-comments, same Bat-below!