Elaborate 6-Inch Newt Scamander and Dumbledore Figures to Apparate This Winter

Expecto Figure-um! The Wizarding World universe has had a very mixed track record when it comes to toys, but that will soon change. A previously lesser-known toy company called Soap Studio is giving the deluxe treatment to two of the Harry Potter-verse’s current movie stars. Fantastic Beasts author/protagonist Newt Scamander is the first, and young Albus Dumbledore, as portrayed by Jude Law, follows.

The second Fantastic Beasts film deepened the lore and wasn’t as popular as the first for its over-intricate story. However, a third is on the way, and the fandom still seems happy to sustain this series. Happy enough also, perhaps, to lay down $100 for some really nice action figures.

Newt and Albus come with cloth outfits, and bodies featuring 37 moving parts. Newt also comes with his signature suitcase, wands, and sidekicks Niffler and Bowtruckle. Albus includes four baby Nifflers, blood pact, and a business card-holding hand. Both men also come with backdrops for display.

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Soap Studios look like they can give Mezco’s One: 12 Collection a run for their money. We’ll observe with great interest whatever the company does next. They certainly have room for a whole lot more Wizarding World characters, should they so choose.

Expect both the new figures to arrive first quarter of next year. That gives buyers plenty of time to play with them before the next film comes out.

Do you find these figures to be “wizard,” or perhaps bombad? Let us know in the comments below.