McFarlane Toys Harry Potter Wave 1, Fully Revealed

From the moment the company received the license, the McFarlane Toys Harry Potter action figures have been concealed with invisibility cloak levels of secrecy. No photos were allowed at Toy Fair, and initial solicitations used silhouettes only. Now, however, the veil has been lifted on the first wave, due in July. As we guessed from the silhouettes, hero figures come with their patronuses, while Voldemort comes with Nagini. Buckbeak comes with a flying stand, but unlike the dragons in the Game of Thrones line, he’s actually in scale with the human figures.

It also appears Voldemort has a cloth robe, which is a nice touch.

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With the exception of Buckbeak, who is based on his Prisoner of Azkaban appearance, this is a Deathly Hallows Part 2 themed wave. McFarlane has started to use a similar digital face-coloring process to Hasbro, and it’s most noticeable on Hermione, who has by far the best prototype likeness.

Note also the improved articulation (with double-elbows and knees) over the company’s “Color Tops” and Stranger Things lines. The bases are still the standard McFarlane style, but this time they’ll include illustrated backdrops that can attach to them.

The Harry Potter figures will be in 7-inch scale, like most classic McFarlane lines. This will also allow them to successfully display beside NECA’s figures, and augment previous collections. It also means they’ll cost more than a $20 6-inch figure, retailing around $21.99. Even though NECA’s line was fairly comprehensive, there are many characters and especially creatures left to do. Especially when you factor in the Fantastic Beasts movies as well. Love those or not, they gave us some nifty magical monsters. And Jude Law as young Dumbledore.

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