Chronicle Collectibles Captures Classic Cinematic Conan

For toy collectors, what is best in life? When a company crushes it with your favorite character, driving forward with quality, as you hear the lamentations of those who can’t afford it. Conan the Barbarian, as portrayed onscreen by Arnold Schwarzenegger, never used to get toys to fit that description. But things change. The wheel of time turns, boys become men, men become kings…and can afford better toys. Chronicle Collectibles has made a Conan for the ages, in 1/6 scale, and for $249.99, buyers may have to part with some treasure. The riddle of steel commands it.

For that amount of coin, however, collectors get an all-new body based on the actual award-winning physique of Conan the Schwarzeneggerian. Soft good pants and faux-fur boots prepare him for the final battle. Purchase the figure direct from Chronicle for an exclusive bonus: the shattered Father Sword.

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Thulsa Doom and his Cult of Set stand no chance. Mainly because Chronicle didn’t make toys of them yet. But if Conan proves popular, surely his foes can seek him out. And then the collector must decide who wins the war for shelf space. It may take the patience of a Cimmerian, though, as this Conan figure won’t be ready until about a year from now. But hey, those of us still waiting for a King Conan movie from Arnold are used to that by now. Here’s hoping this new wave of merchandise primes that pump a little more.

Check out more images of Chronicle’s Conan in the gallery below. Then you tell us which image is best in life…in comments.