NECA 40th Anniversary Alien Figure Is a Kenner Tribute

Toys have come a long way since 1979, but in some ways, it’s been a full circle. Back then, Kenner released a large, 18-inch tall action figure based on the xenomorph (nobody called it that at the time) from Alien. It was legendary among kids who knew anybody who had it. With glow in the dark and metallic features, the Alien figure might have been the coolest monster toy ever. But parents complained, and the company pulled it from shelves. As a result, it now easily commands upwards of $500 if you can still find one that exists.

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Other companies have paid homage to the classic toy before, with both Super7 and Gentle Giant having reproduced the original sculpt. But NECA likes to kick things up a notch. For their special 40th anniversary figure, they’re creating an all-new figure. And packaging it in a box resembling the ’70s Kenner style.

NECA, of course, make numerous xenomorph-inspired figures, having tackled every movie in the eight-film franchise (counting the two Predator crossovers). And Kenner’s own revival of the brand in the early ’90s has been updated by the company as well. Gimmick-heavy figures like Snake Alien and Queen Face Hugger have gotten stylish, creepy modern upgrades from NECA in recent years. Now it’s the so-called Big Chap’s turn. Expect to see him hit online stores later this month.

Are you looking to add another giant Alien to your collection? Does the classic box make a difference? Let us know in comments below.