Professor Hulk Is Ready for His Hot Toys Close-up

For all the fan predictions we had before Avengers: Endgame came out, “Hulk and Banner merge” wasn’t likely on many people’s bingo cards. A lot happened in the five years between Thanos’ defeat and Ant-Man returning, and the green goliath changed the most. Previously a monosyllabic, rage-powered hedonist as Hulk, and an overly tentative genius as Bruce Banner, Professor Hulk combines the best of both. He’s comfortable in his own skin, and willing to sacrifice his arm and maybe more to save the world.

Professor Hulk’s look was clearly kept a secret from most long-lead licensees. So aside from the very basic kid-skewed figures, companies haven’t been able to get toys of him out until now. The key accessories also needed to be right. Hot Toys‘ Professor Hulk comes with a tailored Quantum Realm Suit, and a light-up Nano-Gauntlet. Actually, make that two — an extra gauntlet comes posed in the distinctive finger-snapping gesture that saves the world.

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This Hulk also includes glasses, which never quite made sense. If Hulking out amps up all Banner’s muscles, why not the ones in his eyes too? Unless he’s just pulling a Clark Kent and trying to look nerdy as an affectation. (Busted, Bruce!) A datapad and a stand are part of the package as well, though disappointingly, there are no tacos. But Reed Richards would envy those styling gray temples.

Check out more looks at Professor Hulk in our full gallery below. Will this extra-large figure turn you into a Hulkamaniac? Let us know in comments below!