Star Wars Figure Reveals From New York Comic Con 2019

So Hasbro did hold a little something back from Force Friday. And it’s all going to be a bit of a scavenger hunt. At their Star Wars panel for New York Comic Con this past weekend, the toy giant revealed multiple newly sculpted versions of old and new favorites. That, and the fact that a majority would be specific retail exclusives. So get ready to shop at multiple locations to obtain every one of the newest Star Wars figure reveals.

In the six-inch scale, Walmart will summon a Spirit of Yoda and a Return of the Jedi styled Luke Skywalker. The latter comes with cloth cape and Skiff Guard pistol. The Mandalorian’s sidekick IG-11, who in figure form is basically just IG-88 with new bandoliers, comes exclusively to Best Buy. Clone Commander Fox, a.k.a. “the red one,” first arrived at GameStop, but should also be carried by most major online toy stores. And Amazon, as usual, gets a larger sized set: Chewbacca and Threepio with removable limbs. Pose Threepio either in fully assembled form, or replace his appendages with frayed-wire add-ons. Additionally, new figures of Wedge Antilles, Ceremonial Luke, and a First Order Jet Trooper should hit most outlets.

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For the smaller, more classic scale of 3-3/4 inches, Walmart gets a Ceremonial Luke. Target gets a special Dagobah three-pack, featuring Luke, Yoda and Dagobah vision Vader with a Luke face in his cracked helmet. And while every outlet gets the Sith Trooper, Amazon will stock a special “arsenal” version with extra weapons, like the 6-inch Comic-Con exclusive. Most retailers will also carry a Jawa, ceremonial Leia, and Shadow Trooper (basically a kitbash Rogue One Death Trooper body with painted-black Stormtrooper head).

Check them all out in our gallery below. Will you be a trouper and storm the stores as soon as these come out? Let us know in comments!