Darth Maul Becomes the Most Terrifying Build-a-Bear Ever

Build-a-Bear workshop excels in making everything cute. From Optimus Prime to Kylo Ren, the store has taken some extremely non-cuddly characters and made them into huggable, adorable bears. But the teddy metamorphosis had to meet its match one day, and that day looks to be Triple Force Friday. A terrifying Build-A-Bear based on Darth Maul will be available on October 4, and the original Sith apprentice has transcended any attempts to cutesify him. He is a plush bear, but he is also frightening. This bear has truly gone full dark side.

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Darth Maul didn’t say much in the movies, but he got super-talkative in the cartoons. This bear will have sound and light packed into the double-blade lightsaber. Yes, this bear is gonna have to cut a Jedi if you’re not careful.

Is the pawprint supposed to be a clue that he’s friendly? Or maybe older kids are the target, who think they’ve grown out of owning teddy bears. But maybe they’d be okay with owning a bear that looks totally evil, because that’s tough and dark.

Still, whether that describes any given fan or not, customers of all stripes can pick this guy up this Friday, October 4. The Darth Maul bear runs $55, but customers can also buy additional cute outfits and accessories that are very un-Sith-like.

Will one of those customers be you? And which Sith should be the next Build-A-Bear? Let us know in comments!