NYCC Glow-in-the-Dark RoboCop Figures – You’ll Buy That for $18!

His name may be Murphy, but his appearance sure isn’t murky. In a new variant series of action figures glow-in-the-dark RoboCop is coming to New York Comic Con in two forms. Joining him for the journey is an appropriately radioactive foe. One who might not look out of place next to Super7‘s other glowing hero, the Toxic Avenger.

RoboCop was usually pretty shiny on the big screen, but he never actually glowed. Yet a tradition exists of glowing action figures, ever since Kenner first held the animated toy rights. A glowing RoboCop became a special mail order exclusive; years later, NECA made a tribute variant in homage. The Toxic Waste Thug is a a Super7 first, never made as a figure by any other company. It’s easier to do minor characters like that at a smaller (4-inch) scale, especially if they can be juiced up for special convention variants.

Regular RoboCop, a battle-damaged version, and the thug run $18 apiece. When you think about it, the least realistic aspect of RoboCop’s exaggerated future was that anybody would even suggest in jest that they’d “buy that for a dollar!” Inflation is a foe that even trigger-sharp Alex Murphy cannot stare down. And as he’s the product of a big corporation, his fourth prime directive probably prohibits it anyway.

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Super7 will also be bringing glow-in-the-dark Universal Monsters to NYCC, so you can have RoboCop fight Dracula in the dead of night. Hey, it’s no worse an idea than RoboCop 3 was.

Are these figures coming with you, dead or alive? Let us know your directives in comments.