Satiate That Snyder Cut Jones With New Justice League Busts

Robert Bat-tinson and the Joaquin Phoenix Joker may be the talk of DC movies, but a sizable contingent of fans remains loyal to the Zack Snyder-verse. A long-speculated “Snyder Cut” of Justice League may or may not even exist, but Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is still around. And Shazam! strongly implied that Henry Cavill’s version of Superman may yet live. Even if Ben Affleck did officially retire his Bruce Wayne, he is still the Batman who deserved a great solo movie that he never got. Now, thanks to Previews and Beast Kingdom, Snyder fans can relive the union of the six with a new trio of Justice League busts.

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Each bust runs $59.90, and should show up in comic stores at the end of August 2020. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman come on logo bases with signature attack poses. Clark strikes a super-punch, Bruce Bat-arangs his way into battle, and Diana preps for a power blast. Superman even faithfully captures that weird, digital mustache erasure upper-lip effect.

If these PVC busts prove successful, Beast Kingdom and Diamond Comics plan plenty more. Surely they can’t leave out Jason Momoa’s Aquaman for long?

Even if this league remain gone, they will not be forgotten. Regardless of how fans feel about their movies –and opinions run the gamut — the costumes indisputably rock. And look great as busts.

Will you pick these up? Martha would want you to, but let us know how you feel in comments below.