Diamond Select’s New Busts, Figures, and Statues of SDCC 2019

With a popular Ghostbusters exclusive figure set and an exciting reveal of The Rocketeer and The Black Hole figures, Diamond Select‘s new stuff was a highlight of Comic-Con. But Diamond Select is far from finished.

The toy company, which supplies primarily to comic book stores and online retailers, showcased a large assortment of busts, statues, figures, and their own distinct Mini-Mates and PVC dioramas. Mini-mates have been doing the stylized cartoonization thing long before Funko. Meanwhile, the PVC dioramas make a nice middle ground for fans who can’t afford high-end statues but prefer action-based pre-posed figures to super-articulated toys. Among other highlights, the Bruce Timm style animated Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman get that treatment this year, along with the likes of Mortal Kombat‘s Sub-Zero.

Gen-Xers who watched as teens and millennials who watched as kids love the ’90s X-Men cartoon, but few products have been directly based upon it. That changes now, as Diamond has a line of busts coming directly based on the animation designs.

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Disney reacted so positively to the Kingdom Hearts and Tron action figures that they asked Diamond to come to them with ideas for more figures from their library. The Black Hole and The Rocketeer resulted from that. Others, like our request for Return to Oz, might be possible later. Regarding Tron, the Recognizer build-a-vehicle is still being worked on. So they don’t yet know if it will come entirely in the first wave of figures, or get spread out to the next one.

The action figure relationship with Kevin Smith continues via Jay and Silent Bob Reboot toys. But the Quentin Tarantino connection will not. Following many delayed approvals, Diamond cancelled the Kill Bill line and Pulp Fiction series 2 originally planned. So John Wick has to fill the “guys in suits shooting people” quota instead.

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New superhero select action figures include Iron Man and a PS4 game-styled Spider-Man. New Mini-mates include Peggy Carter, Spider-Woman, and several characters from the Venom-verse. But on a bigger budget, high-end statues feature X-Men’s Angel, Smart Hulk, and Hela.

Check out all the Diamond Select reveals in our gallery below. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.