Original Four 1988 Ninja Turtles Figures Return to Gamestop

It seems like everyone has Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures to offer. NECA makes limited-retail figures based on the 1990 movie, video games, and now the cartoon as well. DC Collectibles has the Batman vs. TMNT license. Super7 are gearing up to make 7-inch “Classics” available by mail order. But Playmates, who have held the original mass-retail license since the dawn of toy time, would like to remind you they still do. And this Thanksgiving, they’re re-releasing the original four 1988 Ninja Turtles figures in a special multi-pack.

One reason to go with Playmates: they still somehow manage to keep the figures at $10 apiece ($39.99 for this set). That’s insanely reasonable in this day and age when most popular figures go for twice that. Super7’s will run $45 a pop, for example. The Playmates set doesn’t come with every accessory the originals did, however. Just each turtle’s signature weapon.

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Interestingly, NECA originally were able to sell their TMNT figures at Gamestop because Playmates didn’t. At a guess, I’d suspect that because NECA doesn’t specifically sell four-packs at Gamestop, Playmates were able to coexist in this form.

The classic TMNT box set is up for preorder now. So whether your Thanksgiving involves machines, rudeness, leadership, or just general partying, ninja turtles are here for you.

Do you want these OG-styled Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or do you prefer modern upgrades? Let us know in comments below.