Review: “Capture of Splinter” 1990 Movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figure Set

Review: “Capture of Splinter” 1990 Movie TMNT Figure Set

Last year, NECA had the most in-demand exclusive figures of San Diego Comic-Con. Their boxed set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures based on the 1990 live-action movie sold out swiftly. It was so popular that the company eventually found a way to re-release the figures individually at Gamestop stores nationwide. It’s still occasionally possible to find some there, but now they have company. In this year’s “Capture of Splinter” set, the film’s Shredder, Splinter, and two of the Foot Clan come to 7-inch scale for the first time.

Splinter adds value this time around by being the first of these figures not to have been made in 18-inch scale first. With a fully poseable body and a bendy tail underneath a ragged cloth outfit, and metal chain manacles, he’s all-new. The manacles are hinged and easy to pop off, so fans can finally reenact that “Skipping Stones” music video. He also includes a cardboard “crate” with a small NECA logo on it. The box apparently contains toys, although the company of course did not exist in 1990.

Shredder is basically a scaled-down version of the quarter-scale figure, but to the extent that there are differences, they’re mainly in the cape. It’s still metallic camo outside, see-through inside. However, it doesn’t hang loose in the smaller size, so it includes bendable wires down the edges, and extra white padding inside to make the shoulders scrunch up correctly. And it offers more coverage of the figure in total. Like its bigger counterpart, it fastens with a hook-and-eye clasp.

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The Foot Soldiers are also scaled-down from the bigger releases, but they have some key differences. Like the Turtles, they’ve traded in cloth bandana tails for sculpted. Both come packed with identical tails, but the set includes an extra, different one, so you can switch it out on one to distinguish the two. There’s extra ankle articulation, which allows for more dynamic posing. And while they come with a new weapons rack and extra weapons, between the two there are only two weapon-holding hands. So each one can only hold a single accessory…or one can hold two, and the other none.

Shredder, on the other hand, comes with all his extras, including the tiny dagger and sheath.

NECA has stopped short of saying these will be available as singles at Gamestop. But they’ve strongly hinted they’re just not allowed to specifically say it. I think it’s a safe bet you will see them there, but they could sell out quite quickly. NECA just announced a re-release of the larger Turtles, so they know the demand exists. Current secondary market prices run around $220 minimum for the set if one must own it now. But as singles they should go for around $25. Your call. They’re excellent figures either way.

Check out more images below, including pictures with the first Turtles set.