Japanese-Style Darth Maul Statue Is Ready to Pounce

Darth Maul isn’t exactly known for being approachable or pretty. Let’s face it: he’s inherently threatening. The guy can’t help being born with all those horns, but the face tattoos are all him. As, we presume, are the yellow eyes, colored by Sith energy. The point being, it’s hard to make Darth Sidious’ apprentice look more threatening than he already comes off. But Kotobukiya’s new Japanese-style Darth Maul statue has done exactly that. While remaining faithful to his Star Wars movie design.

Inspired by Katsushika Hokusai’s traditional Japanese ukiyo-e (“pictures of the floating world”) style, Maul strikes a combat pose atop a rocky base. His double saber is held behind his back, ready to twist forward at a moment’s notice. And of course the weapon lights up.

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What he has no time for here are most of his clothes. The boots, hood, and robe can really hinder one’s movements. Plus without them, it’s easier to show off a lifetime of body tattoos that scream, “I love pain! Or at least tolerate it a lot!”

Maul is approximately 11 inches tall, or 1/7 scale, typical of most Kotobkuiya ArtFX statues. Sculpted by Junnosuke Abe, he’ll become available in March, but can be preordered right now. Don’t expect him to get cheaper, because even when Maul is slashed to half off, he always comes straight back as the full amount. It’s a trick his successor Snoke should have learned.

Get a better look at the Zabrak with the stab-back in our gallery below: