Robot Legs Darth Maul From Solo Gets Hot Toys Star Wars Figure

With all the talk of a possible Solo sequel drummed up on social media by fans who finally saw it and realized it doesn’t suck, the time was right for Hot Toys to strike. Darth Maul — or just Maul, in this timeframe — always sells toys. So why not give us the latest live-action incarnation, with robot legs and new battle scars? Maul from Solo may not get a chance to reappear again, but you can have him manifest as often as you like with this new Hot Toys replica figure.

Once a silent apprentice to Darth Sidious, Maul now rules the criminal syndicate Crimson Dawn. Sliced apart by Obi-Wan Kenobi, he sports a cybernetic lower body. Yet his demonic face and double-edged saber remain as intimidating as they always appeared. Han Solo is a persuasive hero, but even he couldn’t persuade lady love Qi’ra to leave this crimelord’s shadow.

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Maul comes with multiple bonuses, including his chair, holographic Qi’ra, and holographic version of himself. His newly enhanced double-saber has static blades and wavy, dynamic alternates. And yes, his weapon lights up.

If we never see this devilish dark lord again, at least enacting further adventures feels within the realm of possibility. Maul may be beautiful enough to display, but he’s fully articulated for play. Plus Ray Park is always game to do more saber-slinging.

Check out the gallery below for multiple Maul manifestations. At last, will you have revenge? Let us know in comments below.