Vampirella Action Figure Celebrates a Sexy Half-Century

Comic book heroes don’t always need an elaborate costume to catch the eye. Vampirella‘s costume is as minimalist as they get, but she’s been turning heads and catching eyes for fifty years now. And aside from a few poorly conceived attempts, Vampirella’s look also remains constant.

To commemorate the 5oth anniversary of Vampirella, TBLeague’s Executive Replicas has made a new 1/6 scale replica. This Vampirella also has rooted hair, and a fully poseable joint system inside a seamless body. She can hold dramatic poses without ever exposing her hidden points of articulation. Vampi’s creator, Forrest J. Ackerman, was known for his large collection of monster memorabilia. We suspect that this replica would have made him very happy.

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Ackerman’s signature character has gone through many changes over the years. She was originally a bloodsucking alien from the planet Drakulon. Vampirella was later retconned as the daughter of the biblical Lilith. She was retconned again when Drakulon turned out to be a part of Hell rather than another world. It all depends whether you prefer your half-naked vampire ladies to be gritty or cheesy. Regardless, she generally fights for the side of good against the O.G. Dracula. Vampi’s definitive artist is Jose Gonzales, and its his work that clearly inspired this new collectible.

The Vampirella figure also comes with a graveyard base, as well as a skull, bat, and cloth cape. Appropriately, she should ship out around Halloween. Pre-orders are going for around $150. You can get a better look at her in our gallery below.

Will this vamp take a bite out of your wallet? Let us know in comment section.