Star Wars Collector Barbie Dolls Cost $100 and Aren’t What You Expect

Normally when Barbie crosses over with nerd properties one of two things happens. There’s the Batman v. Superman approach, where they do Barbie-styled versions of the actual film actors. And there’s the Star Trek approach, in which Barbie and/or Ken basically cosplay as the main characters. Not so for the new Star Wars collector Barbie dolls.

The newly announced $100 collectibles aren’t literal Star Wars characters. We already have Sideshow and Hot Toys for that. Rather, they feature women in outfits inspired by Star Wars characters. Ashley Eckstein has been doing this kind of fashion at Her Universe for a while, and it was only a matter of time for dolls to catch up.

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The Darth Vader inspired doll, we have to admit, looks a lot like a female Kylo Ren trying to dress like “grandfather.” Meanwhile, the Princess Leia doll looks close enough to actual Alderaan duds for comfort. R2-D2 gets a bit more wild, with a blue square over one eye for those Astromech gazes.

The dolls all come in deluxe packaging that includes stands. But realistically, Barbie collectors tend not to take them out of the box. All three are available for preorder at Mattel’s online store for delivery in November. That gives fans a month to enjoy them — and prepare cosplays! — before The Rise of Skywalker opens.

Check out more images of the dolls and their literally stellar outfits in our gallery below. Then tell us who you think should inspire a new outfit. Lando? Max Rebo? A Twi’lek with big feather boas? Have at it in comments.