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(Photo Credit: Mattel/Warner Bros.)

Barbie Director Greta Gerwig Wants to Make a Superhero Movie

Barbie director Greta Gerwig potentially wants to make a superhero movie at some point in her career.

When speaking with Rolling Stone, Gerwig was asked if she’d ever be interested in directing either a superhero or an action movie in the future. “Yes, of course,” Gerwig answered. “It would have to be something I had a feeling for and a relationship to. A well-shot, well-executed action movie is just incredible. It’s a dance. I’ve never done anything like that. But even in a small way, working with the stunt coordinator who did fight choreography on Barbie, he was just fascinating. It was so fun to talk to him.

She added, “I think probably every director has a fantasy baseball league in their head of what movies they want to make. There are some movies I’d like to make that require a big canvas. At the same time, I’ve seen so many directors move between bigger movies and smaller movies: Chloé Zhao doing Nomadland and making Eternals. Or Steven Soderbergh, or even my weekend buddy Chris Nolan. He made the Dark Knight trilogy – and they’re wonderful – and then made The Prestige, which is not a tiny movie, but it is also not the same thing. I want to play in lots of different worlds. That’s the goal.”

Greta Gerwig’s Heroic Rise in Hollywood

Gerwig began her career in Hollywood predominately as an actor and writer, starring in films such as 2009’s The House of the Devil, 2010’s Greenberg, and 2012’s Frances Ha, the latter two being directed by her partner, Noah Baumbach. She co-directed her first feature film, Nights and Weekends, alongside Joe Swanberg in 2008 before then helming 2017’s Lady Bird and 2019’s Little Women.

Her latest film, Barbie, is based on the toy dolls created by Mattel and stars Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae, and more. Following Barbie, Gerwig is writing the script for 2024’s live-action Snow White remake and is also working on two Chronicles of Narnia films for Netflix.

Barbie releases theatrically in the United States on July 21, 2023.