Review: Batman vs. Predator Convention Exclusive Figure Set

NECA just might be the masters of finding toy contract loopholes. When they got the rights to DC and Marvel superhero action figures, it was only supposed to be in quarter-scale, as DC Collectibles held the full rights to DC Comics-based 7-inch action figures. However, NECA found DC Collectibles didn’t hold the rights to the old Batman Nintendo game, so they made a figure from that. Muhammad Ali’s estate owned the rights to the Superman vs. Muhammad Ali comic, so NECA went through them to  make that Superman. And Dark Horse owns enough of the rights to the DC and Aliens/Predator crossover comics that NECA can –finally — make them in limited quantities for conventions only. Superman vs. Alien and Batman vs. Predator launched at SDCC, while Batman vs. Alien and Green Lantern vs. Predator will bow at NYCC.

Yes, I wrote all of that in our Superman vs. Alien review too, but one never knows what order people read these in. And it’s information everyone can use. From here on out, all new material!

As with Superman vs. Alien, a generic black box with two logos. The contents sell themselves.

The key thing to know about this Batman is that under the armor, he’s more or less a regular Batman. It’s the same basic figure body as Superman with a lot of add-ons. So if you can’t get the more classic Batman coming in the NYCC set, it’s possible to customize something pretty close here. Sure, the head, hands, and feet are tech-y, but remove all the armor bits and the rest is spandex Batman. I’m not going to do that for the review, since some seem glued on. But it wouldn’t be hard. Even the belt piece is a soft overlay on top of basic superhero trunks beneath.

On mine, the left thigh armor comes loose and keeps coming off. The rest stays on, save the translucent visor for the helmet. This loosely sits on his head rather than clipping on. Adding a drop of glue might be worthwhile if the dome-on look is preferred.

Like Superman, Batman gets a cloth cape. But this is a mighty, mighty one. “Winged freak terrorizes” level. The full Leonardo da Vinci

But it hangs nicely when not being used to terrify. Unlike with Shredder, it doesn’t seem the same level of trip hazard.

Batman comes with one alternate hand — a grasping hand to hold his tiny Men in Black-style cricket gun, or a baseball bat splattered with green Yautja blood. Because of his wrist bracers, it hurts to switch the hand out, but the weapon hand is best hand.

As for the Predator: it’s the basic City Hunter/Predator 2 version with some new paint, and a glossy finish on his flesh.

The shoulder cannon is held in place by a tiny pin the size of a splinter, which came out in mine. I’ve no idea how I got the fiddly thing back together without losing anything, but I did. Patience, and a lot of light!

The Predator also comes with alternate head and hands, as well as a spear and disc weapon. The disc looks like it should fit into a molded holster on his leg, but I couldn’t make it do so. Works with his fingers, though.

Anyone who has ever owned any NECA Predator figure here knows what to expect. Solid, poseable body with fragile, brittle blades and accessories. Be careful when playing with it.

Ebay prices on this $60 set seem lower than the Superman set, and it’s easier to find folks selling the loose Batman than the loose Superman. That may be because this specific Batman has such a distinct look. And it’s close enough to the Ben Affleck Batman, who already has many toys on the market. No doubt the standard comic Batman NECA has set for fall will fetch higher prices.

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But this is one great Dark Knight nonetheless. The Predator is whatever, but Bat-fans who want to stage their own BvS battles can do it comic-book style in the best way.

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