NECA Teases Green Lantern Vs. Predator NYCC Exclusive Figure Set

At Comic-Con, NECA recently impressed toy collectors with a long-teased set of Batman vs. Predator and Superman vs. Alien action figures. But when it comes to DC superhero crossovers, their work remains incomplete. Come New York Comic Con, two more DC versus Dark Horse sets make their way to convention-goers. In two new two-packs Batman takes on a Joker Alien, while the other set is Green Lantern vs. Predator. Sinestro Corps Predator, no less.

Now, NECA has offered a first look at the Sinestro Predator (above) via Twitter. We might safely assume that Green Lantern might use the same superhero body as Batman and Superman.

Many NECA figures based on DC Comics already exist, but usually in the quarter-scale (18-inch) format. To make 7-inch figures, they need to find contractual loopholes. And by owning all the rights to Predator and Alien, including the Dark Horse comics, they’ve found a way to get some crossover heroes in.

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Expect the two-packs to go for $60 at NYCC. Via the online Green Lantern wiki, here’s what we know about the yellow Yautja:

“The Yautja of the Sinestro Corps joined in the assault on Earth. He employed his lethal mixture of his native hunting techniques with the devastating power of a Sinestro Corps ring to fight against the combined might of the Green Lantern Corps and Earth heroes. Not much is known about the Predator’s life before the War, though it can be assumed that it lead a life much like that of the rest of its kind; an honor-bound hunter.”

Not that any of that really matters when we’re mainly looking for a cool toy. Which the company should deliver, as a parting shot before arch-rivals McFarlane take the DC Comics license.

Will you look to pick up the Predator and GL two-pack? Let us know in comments below.